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Peter Jakubik designer

Peter Jakubik

Peter Jakubik won the attention of many by transferring porno and BDSM motives and aesthetics into design. Provoking situations, objects such as fetishes, woman as a designer-erotic object are typical for his designs of furniture and furniture accessories,toys for adults, clothing accessories and gifts. They have a bit of irony and provocative spirit in them. Peter uncovers forbidden hobbies and hidden preferences without shame and in objects that are supposed to be used as real furniture. DIY community and home-made production is another, no less interesting topic of his creative activity the strategies of which Peter examines and comments through his designs. Erotic or DIY, Peter Jakubik has always been keen on playing games. And it is up to the user to take it seriously or as fun. Many of Peter Jakubik's designs have been selected for the many art and design exhibitions in the world and featured in several international design and lifestyle publications and magazines.

Wired stump stool

Wired stump - raw edition is the multi-coloured outdoor furniture inspired by home-made furniture manufactured of the tree boles. Both, the stump stools are optimized for a small-lot production. Their production is based on bending and welding of rebar structures and the stool saddle is manufactured of pine wood coated with oil finish. Comparing to wooden stump, the wired stump stools are lighter weight. The wired stump – raw edition can be used for an occasional outdoor dining or a picnic, or as a stylish conservatory furniture. Its design draws from the wire and low poly 3D models aesthetics. The original oval wood shapes were simplified and reduced into polygonal shapes. Details as the metallic rings and unwrought welds and edges are supposed to create the impression of a cheap home-made product or a draft.

Panton diy chair

Panton DIY incites users fabricates their own original fake according to famous chair designed by Verner Panton. All what you need is a picture of Panton chair, a tree, DIY tools and passion for designer classics. And now we can start manufacture genuine copy of the Panton chair for your holiday cottage or garden party.

Adult rocking horse

Pony Girl Rocker is a toy for adults shaped as a woman attached onto the rockers similar to those of a rocking chair. The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies. It could be a great wedding gift for a newly married couples who can make a use of it as a relaxation simulator to prevent the partnership malfunction. In the context of BDSM practices it can be used as a trainer for pony play sessions. In need of humiliation, unless your wife or girlfriend do not like a pony play, just use this toy. Pony Girl Rocker as a forgotten and again found toy as an object for adults. The rocker is hand-made of plywood with wax finish. Old wooden surface is supposed to remind of forgotten old child’s toy found in the attic and upgraded to a fetish design object.

Blackboard cabinet

A storage cabinet seeks an inspiration in the trend of "open source" with the possibility of endless variations of the final product. An Appearance of the product can user set easily as changing colour of the monitor background in your netbook.

French Maid Night stand

This Night stand flirts with the fetish touch of the French maid uniform. Black wooden body acquired sensual fetishistic touch by wearing white wavy-trimmed pinafore. Maid table has been inspired by sexual deviations and transfomed in to whimsical designer piece. Volatile french maid night stand keeps standing in her place, obediently serving as an untraditional supplementary element of your bedroom.

Paper high-heeled tote bag

The Paper high-heeled tote bag combines two female fetishes into one eccentric item. An obsession with shoes and papercraft has been merged together to create this arty conversation piece. This tote bag integrates a base like a single stiletto and an upper portion that's paper carrier bag.